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The Town

Appearance of the new square

After many years of efforts of the town hall – to build a modern central square that would encompass zones for free time and social activities – has finally come to a successful end. Today, the square functions accordingly to its desired purpose.

The central landmark of the town’s walking-zone is a lid-up musical fountain situated right in the middle of the square. Next to the fountain, there is a performance stage for public culture events, together with built-in public toilets.

North part of the square is remarkable by its night-lid water-covered area symbolically named the “Stream of time”, where you can see the bust of Slovakia’s famous politician, diplomat, and astronomer M. R. Štefánik.

The surface of the square is paved with a combination of natural stone and brick tiles. Along the west part of the square there is a four-meter-wide walking zone, paved with stone tiles with a drainage system of surface water. Drainage system also runs along the bicycle path of the east side of the square. In its level, there is also a built-in night lighting.

Along both sides of the square, there are about twenty fancy exterior pole lights along with garden lighting imbedded in green yardage together with hi-power spotlights aimed on the facades of the square’s historical buildings.

The authentic high greenery is now complemented by areas of short greenery with flowers where visitors can rest on one of the fifty-four benches.

The overall image of the square is complemented by small architectural items like car restraints, waste-baskets, bicycle rails and telephone booths in sets of 3 on each side of the square.

Contributing to the safety of both – persons and property on the newly redesigned walking zone, there is an installation of an intelligent camera monitoring system.

The 26th November Street is an up-to-date contribution to already modern look of the square. In the future, more streets that are attached to the square will be redesigned in this same manner.

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