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Brekov Castle (castle ruin)

Not even the mark of time would take away from the impressiveness and a tourist attractiveness of the Brekov mediaeval castle. It is easily noticeable from the road between Strážske and Humenné. It was built in the middle ages as a guardian castle together with the other Zemplin area castles – Jasenov, Vinné and Čičava.

Today’s appearance comes from the year of 1575 from Mikuláš Drughet, who built the first front castle, entrance tower and expanded the castle wall. The original castle consisted of 2 courtyards. The upper one was secured by the palace tower and had a chapel on the other side of it. The second courtyard had an entrance tower. The last phase was built after the year of 1644. The castle was still inhabited in the year of 1698, but it was then abandoned and it dilapidated. Visitors can access the ruin using an educational path from the village Brekov. From the castle mountain, there is a good overview over Humenné, Strážske and the back bone of Krivoštianka (549 m).

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