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National Park Humenský Sokol

The area of Humensky Sokol Mountain was declared as a Preserved region in the 1980. In the year of 1995 it was based on the new legislative of Slovak Parliament, statue No. 287/1994 on preservation of nature and landscape declare as a National Reservation.

It spreads itself out on a forested area of cadastral regions of Humenné, Jasenov, Chlmec and Ptičie. Its area is 541.5 hectares in size. The main reason for declaring this area for a National Reservation was the authenticity and substantiality of its vegetation and animal kingdom. On a relatively small area, thanks to calcareous base and a variety of soil and microclimatic environment, a whole mosaic of natural communities was formed. Oak is the most common of all the trees in the area.

The mission of natural reservations in general is to preserve the survival of the original faun and flora for educational purposes and for the purpose of preservation of the whole vegetal and animal fund.

Humensky Sokol educational trail requires a guide. Route is 3.5 km long. Its lowest point is at the entrance station No. 1 in the altitude of 190 m, starting at a hotel Podskalka. There the hikers can read the overall information about the National Reservation Humensky Sokol, its terms and conditions as well as the information about the educational trail. The highest point of this trail is at the altitude of 447 m at Červená skala. The overall rise is 257 m. It takes about 2 to 3 hours to walk through the trail.

Terms and conditions

  • stay on the path, don’t take shortcuts or step out of the path
  • don’t enter during rainy weather
  • no slackening of rocks on slopes
  • no entering to the mountain edge in groups larger that 20 people

Educational trail Humenský Sokol

Thematical purpose: natural science, protection of nature

Kind: Guided, textual, pictorial, summer, winter, circular

  • Hiking level: average
  • Rise: 257 m
  • Number of stations: 10
  • Distance: 3.5 km
  • Reservation: National Reservation Humenský Sokol
  • Geomorphologic unit: Vihorlatské vrchy
  • District: Humenné
zapísané dňa: 25.11.2006

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