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Jasenov Castle (castle ruin)

Castle ruin is located on a timbered shoulder of the mountains Humenske vrchy, to the east of Humenne. The castle was built in the 13th century after the invasion of Tartars. It was most likely built by the family of Račkajs. The Drugeths became its owners after the battle at Rozhanovce (1312) and then owned it up to the 17th century. In the year of 1644 the castle was held by the army of Juraj Rakoczi, when it got seriously damaged during the siege and was never restored since. In the 18th century it belonged to the family of Csaky and in the 19th century to the Andrass family. The Memorial Office made an effort to restore the castle in the beginning of 20th century, when some of the castle walls were preserved and a small part of the castle was roofed.

Currently, the ruin is marbled with trees. The castle itself is safe, some parts are roofed and visitors can find a temporal shelter from weather. It is important to pay attention to safety during the whole stay, especially in the remote areas of the castle, where the terrain sharply slopes down.

In front of the castle there is a camp fireplace with an overview of Humenne. Inside of the castle ruin, visitors can find more small fireplaces.

Access: Suggested starting point for this hike is a near-by village Jasenov. On the end of the village, at the foot of the castle mountain will the visitors see a tourist info panel, informing on the history of the castle. From here, there is a path that leads up to the castle. Follow the blue hiking mark; it will lead you to the castle. Trail involves some heavier hiking and takes about 1 hour.

The castle can also be accessed from Strťžske-Krivošťany, hiking the back bone of Krivoštianky Mountian (549 m). This route takes about 2 hours

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