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Tourist Office

Tourist Office (Zakaznícke informačné centrum – ZIC) Tourist Office Humenné

  • information about the town and the region
  • hiking, tourism, accommodation and transport
  • souvenirs, promotional materials
  • copy shop, fax, internet
  • public transport tickets in cooperation with the Railways of Slovakia


Opening hours: daily from 8 am to 6 pm.

Tourist office was open in cooperation with the Railway Company of Slovakia in the building of the railway station Humenné in July of 2004. The role of ZIC is first of all to inform visitors about all tourist and recreational opportunities of the town and about cultural, social sporting, and other events that take place in the town of Humenne and its surrounding areas.

Tourist office is a place of first contact with our town. If offers information directly, or through promotional materials. Available is an informational kiosk connected to internet. Kiosk includes information about the town, public transportation system, accommodation, restaurants, taxi and others. All provided information is free of charge. Visitors can also purchase various souvenirs, publications, maps, postcards and other items.

Statute of the Good Soldier Švejk [shvāke]

Since the year of 2000 there is a statue of the Good Soldier Švejk [shvāke] placed near-by the railway station Humenné, where he is posing with a good-humored smile on his face at a water well where he found the “excellent ferriferous water” during his visit of Humenne in the beginning of 20th century.

The author of the statue is sculptor Jaroslav Drotár from Humenné. Following the tracks of the Good Soldier Švejk is a fun train trip from Humenne to the Polish town Sanok, where the visitors can see a famous hotel Tarzem Rózami and a street of the Good Soldier Švejk, with yet another unforgettable sculpture image of the Good Soldier.

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